Financial Aid

In order to make our elementary education available to a wider range of Duluth population, we are provide need-base financial aid to elementary students and families.

Financial aid applications are accepted on rolling basis. In order to take advantage of our limited financial aid funds, we encourage families to apply early.

All MSD financial aid applications are managed by an online portal called TADS. TADS provides phone and online support Monday—Friday, 7am-8pm Central Time, 1-800-477-8237,

Download the financial aid worksheet so you’ll know what information and paperwork will be asked of you, but please submit that information online using the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my family qualifies for need based financial aid?
You are always welcome to have a preliminary conversation with the Head of School before applying. Email the Head of School at
How many applications do I fill out if I am looking to enroll more than one child at MSD?
If you are looking to enroll more than one child at MSD, fill out one financial aid application. The application will ask you to indicate sibling information.
How many applications should I fill out if the parents are divorced or separated?
TADS by default requests separate applications from divorced or separated families. There is no way to combine two households on one application and calculate a reasonable result.

For more information, contact TADS for detailed instructions. Monday—Friday, 7am-8pm Central Time, 1-800-477-8237,

What kind of supplemental documents should families expect to provide?
Required supplemental documents can vary slightly from family to family. To help you prepare, you can download a financial aid worsheet here. Generally speaking, these supplemental documents are expected to be provided by families:

  • If financial ad application is submitted before April 15, the families tax return from last year is accepted. After April 15, the families current-year tax return is expected.
  • W-2 statements or 1099 from employer(s) to demonstrate income. If you are self-employed or own your own business, you can submit 1120 or 165 to demonstrate income.
  • The most recent pay-stub (just one is OK) to demonstrate regular incoming stream.
  • Debt documentations to show your overall balance owed.
    Any documents to demonstrate income that are not revealed on your W-2/1099 statements, such as military housing allowance, social security income, disability income, etc.

Questions? Contact TADS, Monday—Friday, 7am-8pm Central Time, 1-800-477-8237,

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