Learning at MSD

Beyond MSD

Reports received from parents and teachers throughout our 30+ years are that our graduates excel in junior high and enjoy the new challenges in senior high. We’ve found that schools in and beyond Duluth appreciate incoming students from Montessori School of Duluth due to their strong sense of self, thorough academic preparation, confidence, and ability to take initiative for learning.

Portrait of a Montessori School of Duluth Graduate

  • Skilled and curious learners who know how to learn.
  • Have formed a positive relationship to learning.
  • Strong readers, curious researchers, assertive experimenters, and resilient risk takers.
  • Possess the flexibility, reflectivity, open-mindedness and compassion to socialize and interact with people from all walks of life.

Where Our Graduates Go

Graduates of Montessori School of Duluth have attended more than fifty colleges and various prestigious graduate schools. They often travel and live abroad. Many have families now and build their careers in business, science areas, education, journalism, human services, and the arts. They often maintain friendships started at Montessori School of Duluth!